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Hi - welcome to lovelanta - Here is a list of new content added to the site



New page for all the tattoo studios on Lanta Yai. Check out the ink available here

New Minimaps 2018

ko lanta yai minimap

New minimaps here. 150,000 maps for this year! Big Thanks to Scubafish, Lanta Diver and all lovelanta sponsors who enable me to do this.

Pick up a copy on Lanta or download to your device here


I've made a new page for all things yoga related. Pictures, class locations, schedules & more. If you know of any classes I'm missing send info to henry@lovelanta.com

New Website

Welcome to the new lovelanta.com - I will be slowly adding more info and highlighting lovely lanta locations in greater detail within the new site - Here are the first few places, more to follow soon...

click images for more info