Food Specials

Open All Year
Mum Kitchen, Klong Khong

Chicken/Beef Noodle Soup, Raan Cha Cha, Klong Khong50฿$1.45£1.10€1.30
Pad Thai with special tamarind sauce, Mums Kitchen, Klong Khong60฿$1.74£1.32€1.56
Keftedakia with fried potatoes, Greek Taverna, Klong Dao180฿$5.22£3.96€4.68
Pattys Special Burger, Patty's Secret Garden, Phra Ae180฿$5.22£3.96€4.68
Wednesday All Pizzas, Koala Bar, Klong Dao180฿$5.22£3.96€4.68
Sunday All Pizzas, Sole Mare Pizzeria, Klong Dao200฿$5.80£4.40€5.20

Keftedakia, greek meatballs with fried potatos & tzatziki
180B Greek Taverna, Klong Dao

Pattys Special Burger with choice of imported cheese
180B Pattys Secret Garden, Phra Ae

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